Yannick Estève

Professor of Computer Science
Director of the IICC (Claude Chappe Informatics Institute)
Member of the LIUM

yannick (dot) esteve (at) univ-lemans.fr
LIUM - University of Le Mans -Institut Claude Chappe -Avenue Laënnec - 72085 Le Mans Cedex 9 - France
phone : +33 243.833.874

Some details

My main research interests are spoken langage understanding and speech recognition.

I have studied Computer Science at the Faculty of Sciences of Luminy (Marseille, France). I obtained my PhD on 2002, under the direction of Professor Renato De Mori, at the Computer Science Labs (LIA) of the University of Avignon (Avignon, France), in association with France Telecom R&D (FTRD).

I have worked since June 2002 with FTRD as a research engineer, then as a post-doctoral researcher until August 2003.
I work at the Computer Science Labs (LIUM) of the University of Maine (Le Mans, France) since September 2003 as an assistant professor with Professor Paul Deléglise, and became a full professor in 2010.

I have headed the LIUM from september 2012 to december 2016, and I am a member of the Language and Speech Technology (LST) team of the LIUM which works on automatic speech processing and statistical machine translation.

Since 2015, I head the Claude Chappe Informatics Institute that coordinates research, teaching, and innovation activities on computer science at the University of Le Mans.

My current research activities focus on spoken language understanding, speech analytics, speech recognition, neural networks, word embeddings, ...


More than 100 publications listed here: my publications
Citations Google scholar: most cited publications

Research projects (European, national, regional)

as the project leader:
RAPACE, Regional project on neural speech analytics, 2016-2019
VERA, ANR project on advanded error analysis of ASR systems, 2013-2016
EPAC, ANR project on conversationnal speech processing, 2007-2010
ASH, ANR project on ASR combination, 2009-2012

as the partner responsible for LIUM:
EUMSSI, European project on event understanding through multimodal social stream interpretation [Specific Targeted Research Projects (STReP)], december 2013-december 2015
JOKER, Europan project on social and affective relations with a robot [European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies ERA-Net (CHIST-ERA)], 2014-2017
TRIAGE, ANR project on traceability, acknowledgment, identification and management of disasters victims, 2013-2016
PORTMEDIA, ANR project on robustness and multilingual multidomain portability of spoken language understanding systems, 2009-2012

as the partner responsible for the LST team of the LIUM:
PASTEL, ANR project on teaching innovation through the use of automatic speech recognition, 2016-2020

as a member:
M2CR Europan project on Multilingual Multimodal Continuous Representation for Human Language Understanding, ERA-Net (CHIST-ERA), 2016-2019
MILES Regional project on Information Technology funded by Région Pays-de-la-Loire
SODA ANR project on people recognition technologies for audio-visual French TV shows
DEPART Regional project on Information Technology funded by Région Pays-de-la-Loire

PhD. Students

Julie Mauchair (defended in 2006): Confidences measures for speech recognition and applications
Thierry Bazillon (2010): Manual transcription and manual processing of spontaneous speech for its automatic processing
Richard Dufour (2010): Automatic transcription of spontaneous speech
Fethi Bougares (2012): Low latency ASR combination
Anthony Rousseau (2012): Automatic speech translation
Grégor Dupuy (2015): Automatic speech processing for audiovisual document collections
Abir Masmoudi (2016): Hybrid approach for automatic speech recognition in Arabic language
Abdesselam Bouchekif (2016): Automatic structuring of audio documents
Sahar Ghannay (in progress): Continuous word representations applied to ASR error detection
Edwin Simonnet (in progress): Neural networks for spoken language understanding
Kévin Vythelingum (in progress): Joint, fast, and effective building of multilingual systems for speech recognition and synthesis
Mercedes Garcia Martinez (in progress): Factorized neural machine translation
Adrien Bardet (in progress): Multimodal neural machine translation

Courses (old and current ones)

Speech recognition
Language modelling for speech recognition
Spoken language understanding
Knowledge representation
Logic programmation
Relational database
Mathematical tools for computer science
C language
Software development tools
Technical and scientific expression

Courses available on (restricted area): http://umtice.univ-lemans.fr

Last update on October, 2016