Summary: 5 journals, 39 international conferences, 4 french conferences, 1 other, total: 50 publications.


International conferences

French conferences


  • M. Federico, N. Bertoldi, M. Cettolo, M. Negri, M. Turchi, M. Trombetti, A. Cattelan, A. Farina, D. Lupinetti, A. Martines, A. Massidda, H. Schwenk, L. Barrault, F. Blain, P. Koehn, C. Buck, U. Germann, "The MateCat Tool", Proceedings of COLING 2014, the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations, 2014

Papers on arXiv

  • M. García-Martínez, L. Barrault, F. Bougares, "Factored Neural Machine Translation", CoRR, 2016
  • O. Caglayan, L. Barrault, F. Bougares, "Multimodal Attention for Neural Machine Translation", CoRR, 2016
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