MANY : Open Source Machine Translation System Combination

Lo´c Barrault.


MANY is an MT system combination software which architecture is described is the following picture :

The combination can be decomposed into three steps

The decoder can be expressed as a classical log-linear model:

where λi is the weight of the feature function hi.  
Feature functions used:
  • The LM probability
  • The system prior, corresponding to the probability of choosing a system as backbone.
  • The words scores: currently, each word has a score equal to the prior of the system which proposed it
  • The word-length penalty of the word sequence,
  • The null-penalty corresponding to the number of null-arcs (or epsilon arcs) crossed to obtain the hypothesis.


v1 (current version) 12/07/09 First version with Confusion Network generation and Token Pass decoder. [MANY SVN] (google code)

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