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Adrien Bardet


I am a PhD student in Machine Translation working mainly on Multilingual Neural Machine Translation. I am doing this PhD in LIUM in Le Mans with Loïc BARRAULT and Fethi BOUGARES as supervisors. I work in python with multiple frameworks used in the NMT field with for example Tensorflow and Pytorch. In our team we mainly work on NMTPY and NMTPYTorch which are toolkits we developed.


LIUM Language and Speech Technology team (France) - PhD in Neural Machine Translation - (2016-)

Mainly working on Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
Spent 3 wondeful weeks in MILA - Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms for the M2CR project

Le Mans University (France) - Master Degree in Computer Science (2014-2016)

Data Mining
Natural Langage Processing
Deep Learning


LIUM Language and Speech Technology team (France) - 6 months work placement Research Work 2016

  • Working on State of the art Language Modeling
  • Trying to improve results on PenntreeBank dataset with multilingual Neural Language Modeling

2LA Games - 4 months work placement Android/IOS develloper 2015

  • Development of an Android Game you can find on the Play Store
  • Conception and development of the same game for IOS, also available online

SOPROLEC - 1 year working alternately Software Develloper 2014

  • Developing specialized application for client to pilot the electronic command card sold by the company
  • Participating in many different tasks in this small company. (Helping customers on the phone, preparing commands, helping for bigger projects and clients/events)
Music (playing and listening)
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