Language and Speech Technology (LST)

Scientific activity

The scientific activity of team LST is focused on the stochastic treatment of language, in particular for automatic speech recognition and automatic translation. This activity revolves around two axes:

  • the development of state of the art automatic systems, as attested by the results obtained in national and international evaluation campaigns;
  • the research activities of the team based on the systems developed in the first axis.

Example of automatic transcription et translation

Example of  automatic transcription et translation

Team Members

Permanent staff :
Loïc Barrault
Fethi Bougares
Nathalie Camelin
Paul Deléglise
Yannick Estève
Bruno Jacob
Anthony Larcher
Antoine Laurent
Jérôme Lehuen
Daniel Luzzati
Sylvain Meignier
Simon Petitrenaud
Non permanent staff :
Walid Aransa
Adrien Bardet
Amira Barhoumi
Thierry Bazillon
Makrem Ben Jdira
Ahmed Ben Ltaief
Abdessalam Bouchekif
Pierre-Alexandre Broux
Ozan Caglayan
Florent Desnous
Mariem Fourati
Mercedes Garcia Martinez
Sahar Ghannay
Vincent Jousse
Salima Mdhaffar
Edwin Simonnet
Natalia Tomashenko
Kévin Vythelingum