Italian IWSLT 2014 LIUM word-lattices

This archive:

contains word-lattices produced by the LIUM ASR system for the ASR task on Italian language of the IWSLT14 evaluation campaign

For the dev set and the tst set, two kinds of HTK lattices are provided: 

  • lattices with 4-gram topology 
  • lattices with 5-gram topology. These  5-gram lattices were the ones merged with the lattices provided by the Vecsys company. 5-gram lattices were expanded from the given 4-gram ones.

Information about speech segmentation is given by the filename of each lattice (*.lat.gz). Please feel free to contact Yannick Esteve ( yannick . esteve dot ) for any more information. 

For scientific publications, it would be great for us that you cite the following reference:

A. Rousseau, L. Barrault, P. Deléglise, Y. Esteve, H. Schwenk, S. Bennacef, A. Muscariello, S. Vanni. The LIUM English-to-French Spoken Language Translation System and the Vecsys/LIUM Automatic Speech Recognition System for Italian Language for IWSLT 2014. International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) , Lake Tahoe (USA) 2014