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Matsoukas S, Gauvain J-L, Adda G, Colthurst T, Kao C-L, Kimball O, Lamel L, Lefèvre F, Ma J, Makhoul J, Nguyen L, Prasad R, Schwartz R, Schwenk H, Xiang B Advances in Transcription of Broadcast News and Conversational Telephone Speech within the Combined EARS BBN/LIMSI System. In IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 14, p.1541-1556,  2006 
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Nguyen L, Abdou S, Afify M, Makhoul J, Matsoukas S, Schwartz R, Xiang B, Lamel L, Gauvain J-L, Adda G, Schwenk H, Lefèvre F The 2004 BBN/LIMSI 10xRT English Broadcast News Transcription System. 2004 Rich Transcriptions Workshop, Pallisades, NY 2004 
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Schwartz R, Colthurst T, Duta N, Gish H, Iyer R, Kao C-L, Liu D, Kimball O, Ma J, Makhoul J, Matsoukas S, Nguyen L, Noamany M, Prasad R, Xiang B, Xu D, Gauvain J-L, Lamel L, Schwenk H, Adda G, Chen L Speech Recognition in Multiple Languages And Domains: The 2003 BBN/LIMSI EARS System. International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, p.757-760 2004 
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