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Abdul Rauf Sadaf, Fishel Mark, Lambert Patrik, Noubours Sandra, Sennrich Rico Extrinsic Evaluation of Sentence Alignment Systems. LREC Workshop on Creating Cross-language Resources for Disconnected Languages and Styles (CREDISLAS), Istanbul(Turkey), 27 may 2012 , ShortPaper, [URL]
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Abdul Rauf S, Schwenk H On the use of Comparable Corpora to improve SMT performance. European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL) , Athens(Greece), p.16-23, 1-3 April 2009 2009 , FullPaper, [URL]
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Abdul Rauf S, Schwenk H Exploiting Comparable Corpora with TER and TERp. BUCC '09: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora: from parallel to non-parallel corpora, isbn : 978-1-932432-53-4, p.46-54, 6th August 2009 , [URL]
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Schwenk H, Abdul Rauf S, Barrault L, Senellart J SMT and SPE Machine Translation Systems for WMT'09. Fourth ACL Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation (WMT'09), Athens(Greece), p.130-134 2009 
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Schwenk H, Estève Y, Abdul Rauf S The LIUM Arabic/English Statistical Machine Translation System for IWSLT 2008. International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation, p.63-68 2008 , [URL]
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